Central Asia, pre-Silk Road Agricultural Exchange

Spengler, Robert N., III, 2015. Central Asia, pre-Silk Road Agricultural Exchange. In Mary Beaudry and Karen Metheny (eds.), The Archaeology of Food: An Encyclopedia. Rowman and Littlefield.

Archaeology of FoodWhat are the origins of agriculture? In what ways have technological advances related to food affected human development? How have food and foodways been used to create identity, communicate meaning, and organize society? In this highly readable, illustrated volume, archaeologists, and other scholars from across the globe explore these questions and more.

The Archaeology of Food offers more than 250 entries spanning geographic and temporal contexts and features recent discoveries alongside the results of decades of research. The contributors provide overviews of current knowledge and theoretical perspectives, raise key questions, and delve into myriad scientific, archaeological, and material analyses to add depth to our understanding of food. The encyclopedia serves as a reference for scholars and students in archaeology, food studies, and related disciplines, as well as fascinating reading for culinary historians, food writers, and food and archaeology enthusiasts.


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