Claudia Chang. Rethinking prehistoric Central Asia: shepherds, farmers, and nomads

Spengler III, Robert N. (2018). Antiquity.

AntiquityThis book summarises Chang’s attempts to wade through an immense body of Russian literature, and to introduce modern methodological approaches, a novel repertoire of questions and an American scholarly tradition. To this end, she not only pioneered a new frontier, she opened the iron curtains for the scholars who would follow her path.
Review available here. 


Staple Economies and Social Integration in Northeast China

Dissertation Review

Asian ArchaeologySpengler, Robert N., III
2015.  A review of staple economies and social integration in northeast China: Regional organization in Zhangwu, Liaoning, China, by James Williams., In Dissertation Reviews; Asian Archaeology.  Click here to read full article.