Spring 2018 – International Application of Archaeological Science

The Department of Archaeology is focused on developing and applying the latest multidisciplinary methodologies in archaeology in order to transform our understanding of the human past. Combining traditional field research with cutting-edge laboratory analyses, it will investigate the ways in which culture, biology, and ecology have intersected in the past, across the entire spatial and temporal spectrum of human history. By combining insights from both the humanities and natural sciences, the Department of Archaeology will seek to tell a more holistic story of the emergence, the expansion, and diversification of our species and its social forms.

The Department of Archaeology at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History is offering an intensive, invitation-only, one-week workshop (13th -17th of March
2018) for Early Career Researchers from developing countries. Our scientific staff will provide hands-on training and tutorials in a series of archaeological science approaches that have international applicability. These include: quantitative lithics analyses, Geographical Information Systems approaches proteomics, ZooMS, stable isotope analysis, archaeobotany, archaeozoology, chronological methods and models, and statistical analysis. This course is designed for junior researchers with archaeological experience wishing to implement new methodologies within their home countries and expand the knowledge base within their institutions.

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