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The spread of agriculture into northern Central Asia

Robert N. Spengler III, Natalia Ryabogina, Pavel Tarasov, and Mayke Wagner 2016. The spread of agriculture into northern Central Asia: Timing, pathways, and environmental feedbacks. The Holocene. Over the past decade researchers have directed greater focus toward understanding Bronze (3200-800 BC) and Iron Age (800 BC-AD 400) economies of Central Asia. In this article, we synthesize…

Agriculturalists and Pastoralists

Spengler, Robert N., III, Barbara Cerassetti, Margareta Tengberg, Maurizio Cattani, and Lynne M. Rouse. 2014. Agriculturalists and Pastoralists: Bronze Age Economy of the Murghab Delta, Southern Central Asia. Journal of Vegetation History and Archaeobotany 23, 805–820. Peer-reviewed.