Published Book Chapter

Archaeological SciencesSpengler, Robert N. III (2018) Paleoethnobotany. In Sandra L. López Varela (Ed.) The Encyclopedia of Archaeological Sciences. John Wiley & Sons, Inc.: New York.

Paleoethnobotany is the scientific investigation of human and plant interactions in the past; this includes both human environmental impact and cultural practices involving plants. Continue reading


Central Asia, pre-Silk Road Agricultural Exchange

Archaeology of FoodPublished Book Chapter

Spengler, Robert N., III
2015. Central Asia, pre-Silk Road Agricultural Exchange. In Mary Beaudry and Karen Metheny (eds.), The Archaeology of Food: An Encyclopedia. Rowman and Littlefield.

Agricultural Origins from the Ground Up

Langlie, BrieAnna S., Natalie G. Mueller, Robert N. Spengler, and Gayle J. Fritz
2014. Agricultural Origins from the Ground Up: Archaeological Perspectives on Plant Domestication. American Journal of Botany 101(10): 000–000. Peer-reviewed.

Special Issue: Speaking of Food: Connecting basic and applied science.
Available open access through AJB.


American Journal of BotanyThe timing, geographical locations, causes, and consequences of crop domestication have long been major concerns of archaeologists, and agricultural origins and dispersals are currently more relevant than ever to scientists seeking solutions to elusive problems involving food insecurity and global health disparities. Perennial research issues that archaeologists continue to tackle include Continue reading